Intro to Computer Science with Python For Everybody is a half credit, every other day course, that meets the graduation requirement for computer science. This course focuses on those aspects of computational thinking that are critical for all members of a digitally based society. You will learn how to "Talk to" computers, how computers work, and what types of problems computers can help us solve.

Thread of Quest Future Studies that deals with how futurists make predictions. We also read a lot of science fiction and scientific journals.

This is the review Moodle that goes with the AP CS dual enrollment course.

Senior Thesis in Computer Science. Independent Study.

Python for STEM students - a resource

In Introduction to Computer Science with Websites students create functional and effective web pages and websites using current Web standards. Students use the latest version of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets to produce informational websites. Students will be introduced to JavaScript to add modern, dynamic elements to their sites. Emphasis is on planning, developing, and testing. Topics relate to human-computer interface as it applies to websites. Ethics, relating to web development, is a thread throughout this course sequence. Projects include information and educational websites. (Grade 9-12) Meets Computer Science Requirement.

This course includes all of the computer science standards required for graduation and includes future studies via both the hands on experience of designing and building robots and by reading speculative fiction and non-fiction.